The Los Angeles Lakers are starting to look lost. Again. 2018 is here and things look like they’re getting worse. The Lakers record is 11-26 they are last in the NBA and are currently on an eight game losing streak. Same crap, different toilet.
As a long time fan, I’m just baffled. How does a team lose night after night and not make the proper adjustments to turn things around? I’m usually not the one to point fingers and blame individuals but some things just have to be addressed.

Summer smiles have faded

When Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka were hired we were told the Lakers are all about winning now and these changes were made because Magic the Lakers legend couldn’t sit back and watch us lose like this. Fast forward to January and guess what? We’re losing, Magic. The average fan will make the argument that everything is new and I should be patient. Although that’s correct and under different circumstances I would be patient, the Lakers can fix these losses. When a front office is putting a team together, depth should be a priority. The Lakers have no backup point guard, so now that Lonzo Ball is out, the Lakers are really exposed.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers

Let’s talk about Luke Walton and some of his decisions on rotations and lineups. Julius Randle has shown flashes of major growth this season and for some reason, his minutes had been limited. When Randle checks in the game it’s instant energy. His presence alone has turned a lot of games around. I’m not sure why he isn’t being showcased especially if the plan is to trade him. Josh Hart is the most recent head scratcher. Hart was able to slide into the starting lineup when starting inmate…I mean shooting guard, Kentavious-Caldwell-Pope had to begin his jail sentence and miss road games. Hart has played very well but was immediately sent back to the bench when Lakers returned home and Pope could play.
No consistency in lineups, rotations and minutes can be toxic for a young team but that’s no excuse for what we saw last night against Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Lakers lost by 37 points and looked as if they were paid by OKC to throw this game. Yes, it was that bad. I understand that with Ball being out, things will be different but this goes to show the front office totally dropped the ball on providing Walton with depth at PG. If you get on a plane and the pilot gets sick they have another pilot for the journey. Very simple concept.

Lakers fans deserve better

Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma are the Lakers best players and it’s obvious the scouting report is out on Ingram. Walton and staff have to put Ingram in an easier position to score. Having him go iso to the lane is ideal when he gets a switch or a smaller defender but this has been his primary move once he gets the ball. As a coach, u have to understand when a guy starts scoring he will be scouted. Ingram should be in pick-and-roll situations 75% of the time. It’s easier for him to score, it confuses the defense and he can pass again if needed. Kuzma can score but he’s still a rookie and often looks lost on defense. He has to understand that as the primary scorer, the team will depend on him and being aggressive and not settling for what defense gives him, is the only way he can be truly effective.
Being young is understandable but not having a dozen wins in Jan is not. There is no reason for Lakers to look how they look. When you start seeing the coaching staff looking defeated it’s a major problem. Walton, his staff and the team look clueless. It’s about time we see some some tough love for the Lost Angeles Lakers.