Introducing Lonzo BBBALL

The Los Angeles Lakers used their number two pick on the player they had their eyes on for quite some time. Magic Johnson smiled from ear to ear and let Lakers fans know that the ball is in Lonzo’s court.


A New Beginning. Again.

A couple of years ago, 2015 to be exact, we were excited to introduce D’Angelo Russell, who a lot of us thought was the future of the franchise. Those thoughts came to an abrupt halt when days before the draft we all got the notification that Russell and Timofey Mozgov were traded to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez, the 27th pick in the first round and cap space. I for one, was not happy with this trade because it just seemed premature. I understood the need to move Mosgov due to the hefty contract he received but Russell was more of a surprise. A surprise because it seems like he was worth more than a late pick and a 7 foot player that can’t rebound.  The truth is I’m no GM nor am I President of basketball operations, so I guess it’s time to move on from Russell and embrace Ball.

A lot of Lakers fans are excited about Ball and it’s time for me to join the club. Ball is a Southern California native and played at UCLA for one year before deciding to join the NBA. Ball started all 36 games as a freshman and averaged 14.6 pts, 6 rebs and led the nation with 7.6 assists. Pretty impressive for a freshman. His passing abilities are nothing short of spectacular and I’m sure a lot of players will enjoy playing with him. When speaking about Ball it’s almost impossible to not mention his father LaVar Ball whose name is mentioned a lot more than Lonzo’s.

As a fan, accepting change may be hard but when the organization decides to change direction u have to be ready for that change. Last night when I turned on World Wrestling Entertainment & saw LaVar, Lonzo and Lonzo’s baby brother LaMelo, it gave me mixed emotions. I understand marketing and I understand hyping the young point guard but WWE? As a LONG time Lakers fan I just don’t want the brand to be taken as a joke, and we all know since we’ve been losing that’s been exactly what we are.


Ball is Life

In the last year the Lakers have made many changes, and most fans are still trying to figure out the direction of this Lakers team. Magic and Rob Pelinka are well known within the NBA, but are also inexperienced in a lot of areas. It’s easy to trust Magic because of his history in not just the Lakers organization but in the NBA, but keeping the trust will be the challenge. With all the Paul George rumors, Magic and Rob have to make sure he’s a Laker no later than July 2018. If this doesn’t happen, fans just better make sure Lonzo (and Lakers) understands that Ball is now life.