Now that the Los Angeles Lakers secured their lottery pick, once again getting the second overall pick in the draft, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka can begin to turn this franchise around. The Lakers have won 43 games in the last two seasons and we all know a change has to be made. Preferably sooner than later.

Livin’ that Lottery Life

The Lakers have been camping out at the bottom of the win column for about four years now and I think it’s safe to say we’re finally getting somewhere. In 2014 the Lakers drafted Julius Randle with seventh overall pick. In 2015 D’Angelo Russell was chosen second overall and so was Brandon Ingram in 2016. This year it’s being reported the Lakers will draft Lonzo Ball and unless Boston Celtics take him at one, I believe this to be accurate.

June 22nd is Draft Day and free agency is shortly after on July 1st. There have already been so many rumors about what the Lakers will do after the draft. Trading the pick and some pieces to Indiana for Paul George has been one. A lot of teams calling for Dlo has been mentioned as well. With a new front office in place, the Lakers fans will have to see what direction Magic and Pelinka decide to take.

Do you accept a trade from Indiana for Paul George? It was rumored PG, who will be an unrestricted free agent in 2018, has said he wants to play for the Lakers. Indiana will most likely trade PG by the deadline if not convinced he will re-sign. If Indiana does do a deal with the Lakers it’s going to include that second overall pick. If the rumors are true and Paul George truly wants to be a Laker, some are asking “why trade”? Just wait until free agency 2018.

Lakers in a golden place 

To be honest, I’m not concerned about what’s going to happen anymore, as long as it translates to the wins column. Luke, Magic and Pelinka want to win and that alone should make fans feel better. The Lakers have some great young talent, they have assets/picks and they have a front office that likes each other. No excuses for the Lakers not to look real appealing to free agents by next summer. Coming from a fan that has seen the transition from Magic to Shaq & Kobe to Kobe & Pau, I’m ready to get over this hump. Championships need to be the final destination from this roller coaster ride.