This is a list with a few of my favorite draft prospects that I would love to see the 49ers draft. Of course I can’t fit every player I like. I loved what Head Coach Kyle Shanahan said about drafting players “I think getting players to fit your scheme, to me, is a little overrated. Usually a really good football player is a good football player in every scheme.” Coach has the right mindset because why limit your football team drafting players that only fit a certain scheme. The patriots have won 5 Super Bowls and been in 7 since the 2001 season, and one of their biggest keys besides the greatest Quarterback of all time is drafting or signing players that can do multiple things.


Deshaun Watson

Deshuan Watson will come to you with flaws, but his intangibles are second to none when compared to other quarterbacks in this draft. Watson is a winner, he shows up in big games. He never shows any panic when things don’t go as planned. His teammates knew as long as he was in the huddle, they had every chance to win.

Rueben Foster

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Alabama vs Clemson

I will go on record and say that Rueben Foster is the best Linebacker prospect I’ve seen since Patrick Willis. Imagine having a defense with Bowman and Foster on it. Foster is a versatile linebacker who plays sideline to sideline. He hits like a truck and is a run stuffing machine. He will be a leader on defense and is a player that can fit in any scheme. The moment I knew he was special was when I saw him run across the middle of the field covering John Ross who ran a 4.22 at the NFL combine.

Mike Williams


Clearly the best Wide Receiver in this draft, not the greatest route runner but the combination of size, speed and hands makes him a can’t miss prospect. Williams is a big target and a redzone nightmare for opposing teams. Since 2011 the 49ers have drafted one WR (A.J Jenkins)  in the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft. The 49ers WR play has been terrible for some time now and According to pro football focus the 49ers had the worse WR core in the NFL last season.

Nathan Peterman


Nathan Peterman is a Quarterback who has all the tools to be a really good player in the NFL. His athleticism is highly underrated like QB like Alex Smith. He comes from a pro style offense which should help him adapt to the NFL much faster than other QBs. He throws a nice football when using the proper techniques, he’s pretty good under pressure but sometimes he will panic and give the ball away. Had a stellar game vs Clemson who eventually went on to win the National Championship . His upside is high for me.

Kevin King


I’ve been following Kevin King the Bay Area native all year and I love him. He has great size and cover ability. His combine numbers were even more impressive, especially his 40 time running a 4.43. He’s a corner that can play in any defensive scheme and will be a top 10 DB in the next coming years.

Carl Lawson


It does not matter if it’s a 3-4 or 4-3 Carl Lawson is what we call a football player. He’s a high motor guy who can get to the quarterback. I watched Lawson on two separate occasions last year. He literally stood out without the announcers pointing him out as the man to watch during the game. He uses his hands well and can Bull rush you. Look for him to go early in the draft.

Christian McCaffrey


Unfortunately I witnessed Christian McCaffrey greatness as he destroyed my favorite college football team, the mighty USC Trojans. He is a really good Running Back with WR skills like no other. It would be blasphemous for any team to not have him on the field at least 75% of the time. His route running ability that he showcased during the combine just left me loving this kid even more. Does he need to be a every down back? No, not at all but he does need to touch the ball 20-25 times a game.

Zach Cunningham

 NCAA Football: Mississippi at Vanderbilt

This guy will be a star in the NFL and he’s another football player that can play in any scheme at the LB position. He’s 6’3 and runs really well.  He is the type of player that can lead your defense. His ability to get off blocks was very impressive to me. He makes plays and will be a very disruptive player. He’s the type player that the Patriots would go after.