Believe it or not, Colin Kaepernick can play football, and he is a starting quarterback in the NFL. Most people like to think of the 2014-2015 Kaepernick who struggled mightily to read defenses or show growth in an offensive system that he has been in for years. This past season was different, he was much better. To start the season, he was beat out by Blaine Gabbert because of injury. Gabbert was terrible, as he threw only 5 touchdown passes and 6 interceptions in the first five games he played for the 49ers. It was evident, to fans and to players, that no one believed in Blaine

Kaepernick finally got the starting nod and struggled in his first two games back, but keep in mind that was the first time in a year Kaepernick played in a regular season game since his injury. He shook off the rust and in his last nine games he completed over 60 percent of his passes throwing for 14 touchdowns & 3 interceptions. His touchdown to interception ratio was one of the best in the NFL and he single handily kept the team in games vs the Dolphins, Cardinals, Saints, Rams, and the Seahawks. He also added 318 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns in those 9 games.

Overall Kaepernick threw 16 TDs & 4 interceptions for the season and completed 59 percent of his passes, all the while playing with, according to Pro Football Focus, “the worst receiving core in the league”. Kaepernick, who started 11 games, threw more touchdowns than Alex Smith who led the Chiefs to a 13-3 record in the season. There were eight Quarterbacks who started more games than Kaepernick and who had 21 touchdown passes or less. This means if Kaepernick started the first five games of the season and averaged one touchdown pass a game he’d have 21. There were three Quarterbacks who either tied with Kaepernick in TD passes or threw fewer or started in more games.

Yes, that’s a lot of information I just gave you but by showing all the numbers, the facts prove Kaepernick qualifies as a QB in the NFL and it also shows that the NFL is blackballing him. According to the 49ers new General Manager John Lynch, Kaepernick was set to sign with a team but the deal fell through, simply put, the NFL owners and executives are angry at him for his protest against systemic racism in America. I do believe a team will eventually sign him out of desperation.

I want people to remember Kaepernick’s words because he knew this was probably coming,

“I have to stand for the people that are oppressed. If they take football away & my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

Kaepernick has continued to take action in the community and people continue to hate him, question him and literally trash his name. The real problem in America is the community of people who continue to be skeptical of his motives, who say he’s doing it for publicity. Here’s what I will say to those people: instead of working against the actions he’s taken to support oppressed communities, why can’t you work with him? As you continue to hate on Kaepernick, he’s out there worrying about the real issues in this country. When you look back on these next 15 years, don’t be that guy or girl who stood on the wrong side of history.
We support you Kaepernick, keep doing what others won’t do in order to create change in America.