Luke and Lakers in BIG trouble

THIRTY-NINE. THIRTY NINE! Luke and the Lakers lost to the Houston Rockets by 39 points (100 – 139) on Wednesday night. What we all expected to be a loss was more like watching Craig give Deebo those final blows in the classic movie, Friday. Just ugly. The Lakers had no fight, no effort and clearly no intention on winning this game.

From LakeShow to No show

This Lakers team started out 10-10, looking like they had a chance at the playoffs. First injuries hit, then the guys started playing selfish and now they are 20-48. That’s just flat out embarrassing. 10 wins in the last 48 games. I don’t think we can pinpoint exactly whats going on but we can talk about some obvious issues.

One obvious issue is the NBA having this silly tanking rule so u can keep your pick. Forcing teams to look bad to get top picks, leaves you with youth and no free agent looking your way. So now, the Lakers have this core of youth who flat out (in my opinion) don’t fit well. Too many players that need the ball to look good.

D’Angelo Russell, who was averaging 21.8 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists since All Star break has come off the bench in the last two games (DEN & HOU). Some people think it’s a direct insult from Luke, some think the Lakers may be shopping Jordan Clarkson, who is starting at point guard in Russell’s place. Russell had 5 points in the 24 minutes he played and was in early foul trouble. He also had more turnovers than fouls. Not a good night for Russell.


Clarkson and Brandon Ingram both played 39 minutes and both had 18 points. Ingram has really looked comfortable as of late and shooting over 50% in the month of March. Nick Young played 24 minutes and had 0 points. No typo… 0 points. Ivica Zubac had 2 points but only played 10 mins. I expected to see more of Zubac, since he scored 25 points and 11 rebounds against the Denver Nuggets. Coach Walton had other plans tonight.

The MVP tonight was Julius Randle with 32 points on 13/17 FGs and 8 rebounds in 29 minutes. Julius was a lot more aggressive tonight and it paid off.


End of season…HURRY UP!

This season is taking a lot out of us fans. We had higher hopes for Luke and the young Lakers. From the stuck in mud offense, to the non existent defense and the drama with Jeanie and her two brothers, i’m over it. This season needs to hurry up and end so we can see how the Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka era will start. Hopefully the Lakers can keep their pick, make some moves and form some type of identity over the summer. The Loss Angeles Lakers have been on the wrong side of the column for too long.