Buss’ creating more drama for Hollywood

As soon as we thought the drama in LakerLand would come to a hault…it actually kicked into a new gear. On Friday March 3rd, 2017, it was reported that Johnnie and Jim Buss tried to hold a board meeting to vote and remove Jeanie Buss as controlling owner. Jeanie then filed a restraining order to stop the meeting from taking place. They are due back in court for trial on May 15 to resolve this matter.

It may be time to sell

I understand Dr. Jerry Buss wanted the Lakers organization to stay a family owned business for many generations but at this rate, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. From the moment Phil Jackson wasn’t hired in 2012 it’s been downhill for the two Buss siblings. Jeanie publicly showed her displeasure with Dr. Buss and Jim decision not to hire Phil Jackson, opting for Mike D’Antoni. After the passing of Dr. Buss the public narrative has always been “Fire Jim Buss” because most believe it was his decision to pass on Phil. 

Magic Johnson who was hired as the Lakers President of Basketball Operations was one of the main people who was bashing Jim publicly. So needless to say when Jeanie hired him we all knew she was sending a message. I understand having control and I understand making changes. What i don’t understand is all the drama behind everything. Jeanie initially hired Magic as an “adviser to her” but then it was reported she was upset Jim & Mitch didn’t consult with her and Magic on the DeMarcus Cousins and Brandon Ingram trade details.

As a fan. I just want what’s best for this organization and I don’t see how this is good for us. If i’m a big name free agent (any FA) I would think twice about joining an organization with so much turmoil at the top. Changing ownership and the front office changes the vision. We don’t know what vision Magic has but if his boss and her brother don’t make amends he may not have much to work with.

Does Basketball matter anymore?

This Lakers organization were once proud and prideful, and about winning Championships above everything. The Buss kids are turning this into a circus and it leaves me asking, does basketball even matter to them anymore?

The young guys (including Luke) are supposed to be playing and working for their dream organization, yet it’s looking like a nightmare. We can’t be surprised the Lakers are losing on the court, with all the drama, the Lakers brand is losing off the court.