The Future Is Now

For the past few years, the Lakers have been labeled the fallen franchise that may never return to glory. Then Byron Scott was fired, in comes Luke Walton and things suddenly looked brighter for the Lakers. A young but successful coach, Walton leading this Lakers team was like water to a flower.


Young Lakers Blooming

All summer the narrative was, “Luke took the wrong job” “Luke made a terrible decision” etc. Well, 18 games in the Lakers are 9-9 and a .500 ball club with the fight of a relentless boxer. Although the Lakers have a lot to work on (especially defense) they have a long way to go before being great again. They have the fans and naysayers attention.

“That’s a young, hungry team. They’re not bad anymore.” Golden State Warriors Forward Draymond Green said.

D’Angelo Russell (out for 2 weeks with knee soreness) looks like he can be that leader the Lakers expected. Julius Randle (also nursing an injury to hip) looks a lot more poised, confident and under control. Jordan Clarkson is playing great off the bench and Brandon Ingram is showing flashes of the defensive beast Lakers expect him to be.  The consistency and re-emergence of Nick Young has been a total surprise but Lakers fans are glad to see Nick earn his Swag back. Lou Williams and Timofey Mozgov have been nothing short of spectacular and Lou currently is third in most points scored in the fourth quarter behind Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. Can’t forget to mention Larry Nance and Tarik Black who have changed many games with their energy and natural feel for the game.

A Fans Insight

“I am a die hard Lakers fan, so at times I may seem one sided but let me share my insight and prediction. Lakers management has done a great job with giving fans something to look forward to. Luke and Lakers core will be around a long time, and fans won’t have those summers of uncertainty like we did the past few years. Lakers can only get better from here and if healthy I truly believe we will be battling for 6-8 seed”.