San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made his first start in almost a year this past Sunday. The last time we saw Kaepernick it wasn’t a pretty sight. The once inhuman highlight reel Quarterback, was nothing more than a shell of himself. Kap looked lost, did not have any confidence, and just looked completely defeated. It got so bad that he could not even realize the Rams completely left a receiver wide open pre-snap. The receiver was jumping up and down trying to get Kap’s attention & Kap never even saw him. This was rock bottom for Kap & that was the last time we saw him start a regular season football game. Fast forward to this year, the 49ers went on the road to face the Buffalo Bills in a hostile windy environment and Colin Kaepernick got the start. Many believed this was not the right game to start him but in my belief this was the perfect game.  He needed to see that, and get a good feel, playing against a red hot defense.

Kap’s performance was not jaw dropping by any means but there were a lot of positives to take away from it. He looked poised in the pocket, kept plays extended, something we didn’t see with the original starter Blaine Gabbert. He also connected with Torrey Smith on a 53-yard touchdown, another thing we didn’t get from Gabbert. Kap carried the ball eight times for 66 yards looking good, as usual, with his legs. While many were worried about how small Kaepernick looked, he showed that he does not lack strength as he escaped a safety from the Bills’ Linebacker & ran for a first down. He showed a lot of good as well as bad which, I think, came with rust from not playing for so long. Kap’s inaccuracy showed on a few passes that could have resulted in touchdowns to Torrey Smith & Shaun Draughn.

49ers faithful expect to see a better Kaepernick this Sunday as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town. Here are a few reasons why Kaepernick should have a lot of success this week:The Buccaneers defense is nothing special, as they rank 20th in total yards given up (366.2 yards per game), and 27th in points per game with 28.4. Kap will also have support from his home crowd & it will be a lot less windy as well. The 49ers should have a lot of energy coming into this game & should have a shot to win. The more mature Kap should be a major problem for Tampa Bay on Sunday as Kaepernick will need both his arm and legs to pull this victory out. This game can be the game that re-energizes this team. The 49ers will be without their starting running back in Carlos Hyde but that should not stop them. Expect Kaepernick to account for at least three touchdowns on Sunday.