The even year magic has finally come to an end, and in the most stunning possible way. In game four of the National League Division Series, the San Francisco Giants were up 5-2 heading into the ninth inning after a relentless pitching performance from Matt Moore who had a stat line of eight innings pitched and only two runs off of two hits. All of AT&T and the city of San Francisco was ready to fly to Chicago for Game five of the series. As the camera panned over the Giants bullpen, the look on their faces were simply ecstatic, and then Johnny Cueto with the biggest smile on his face, ready for a big start in Chicago. Matt Moore handed the game over to the bullpen with full confidence that they would get the final three outs and continue their undefeated streak in elimination games.

 In the most 2016 San Francisco Giants way for their season to end, the Giants worst nightmare came back to haunt them. A bullpen implode in the worst possible moment of the game. As the best team in baseball, the Cubs weren’t going to go down without a fight. They fought and fought and ended up scoring four runs in one inning. One of the most shocking things in that ninth inning though, was the botched double play by Brandon Crawford which would have possibly kept the game tied. Shocking because coming from a Gold Glove shortstop and also top five in the entire MLB in accuracy, it was amazing to see him botch such a simple routine double play.

 There was nothing worse that could have happened. From smiles and joy in the crowd to being able to hear a pin drop in the entire city of San Francisco. There was nothing but tears in the eyes of San Francisco fans in pure disappointment at their team. What they thought wouldn’t happen because of the postseason ended up happening. The Giants biggest strong suit in the month of October in previous years ended up being their Achilles heal in the 2016 season.

 For the love of the city and the love of their fans, the San Francisco Giants will always hold a very dear spot in their hearts. The even year magic may not have happened in the 2016, but the Giants look to start some odd year magic with their dangerous starting pitching of Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, Matt Moore, and Jeff Samardzija, while also looking to make moves to the bullpen, bench and outfield.