We are now through a quarter of the NFL season and we are still trying to figure out what exactly the Steelers are. Week Three spelled a complete decimation of the Steelers by the Eagles. The Steelers usually dominant offense put up just three points, it seemed like the only two players that showed up were Big Ben and AB who hooked up for 12 receptions and 140 yards. Literally is was the only bright spot of offense in that game. The offensive line got overpowered by the Eagles front. The defense that was improving over the first two weeks got completely destroyed by the Eagles short pass and screen game. The usually quick to the ball Steelers seemed to be missing a step the entire game. To be quite frank, we got outplayed and out coached. Just a bad game all around. This game had everyone questioning if the Steelers were anything that they claimed to be, which was answered the following week against Kansas City.

The Steelers started off in control and never let it go. The defense forced two turnovers in the first half, both Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt were wreaking havoc on the KC offensive line, and the offense was on point the entire game. The Steelers offense tallied up 22 points in the first quarter alone and going into the 4th had a sizeable 36-0 lead. The defense showed some real promise, especially rookie first round pick Artie Burns who had some really nice plays during the proverbial shutout. Though the game ended in 43-14, the 14 points were scored in garbage time. Big Ben threw for 300 yards and 5 TDs, and eventually earned AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. That offensive line that got dominated by the Eagles, completely turned things around as they only allowed four pressures on 29 drop backs. A major factor of this offensive onslaught is the return of the best running back in the game Le’Veon Bell. After serving his 3 game suspension for a missed drug test, he returned to the field like he never left. He rushed for 144 yards on 18 carries and tacked on 34 yards on 5 receptions. He continues to be a force in both the rushing and passing game. More importantly the question surrounding Deangelo Williams continued role in the offense with Bell’s return are still lingering. With the Steelers and all this offensive power, and the emerging defense, the only people that will hold us back are ourselves.

As we enter Week 5, the Steelers sit as a good 4-1, with the Jets and the Dolphins up next. As history displays, the Steelers will potentially lose one of those games against inferior opponents because that is what we do as a team, it is a part of our DNA. The answer to the question of who the Steelers are should be further confirmed through these next two weeks. The Steelers are a dominant team when everyone is playing to their abilities, and when everyone is healthy. With some key injuries to defensive play caller Ryan Shazier and key offensive linemen Ramon Foster and Marcus Gilbert, we will see how the Steelers do moving forward.