A fan, which is short for fanatic, is defined as someone who has a deep devotion to something. In particular, a sports fan has a deep devotion to the sport & the team they are a fan of. When it comes to being a fan of any team, you need to have knowledge, hope, faith, and just a little bit of sensitivity for your team. The division, I believe, that embodies being a fan the most is the NFC East.

The NFC East is filled with four very unique teams(Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins), and therefore four very unique fan bases. The division as a whole is the best because there is a heavy social media backing of all four teams, which I can not say for any other division. Social media backing is very important because that is where everything comes from today. I love the NFC East because of the strong support they receive. At any point, the TL is liable to explode in a NFC East argument. Whether it’s the other 3 teams telling the Eagles they have no rings, telling Cowboys fans they haven’t won a ring since ’95 & Romo is always injured, telling Giants fans that Odell Beckham is sensitive, it all goes down. It’s always fun to watch as an outsider because they are all so very sensitive. That sensitivity & passion is another reason why I believe they’re the best fans in the NFL.

Cowboys Fans Are A Very Passionate Bunch

They love their Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and offensive line. Even after going 4-12, their faith wasn’t wavered. Tony Romo even without the playoff wins gets all the love & support of the fans. They pride themselves on having the best line in the NFL & anyone being able to run behind that line. The Cowboys fans I have encountered are very knowledgeable & able to have good football discussions.

Eagles Fans Are A Very Faithful & Ruthless Bunch

The last few years have been filled with turmoil for Eagles fans, but they have their faith. That’s what they run on. After uplifting their entire operation, Chip Kelly being gone, unknown QB situation, unknown RB situation, they still have faith. There is hope under Doug Pederson though. Jim Schwartz is also an upgrade for their defense. Their faith is warranted, things are looking up for Eagles fans.According to other NFC East fans the Eagles are the most ruthless as well. The fan base don’t hold back, they will tell you how they feel. Injuries? They don’t care, you will still get it.  Another thing, Eagles fans are among some of the most knowledgeable that I’ve encountered. Do not let not having rings fool you, Eagles Nation represents regardless.

The Redskins Fans Are A Special Bunch

Things they get triggered by: Sean Taylor(RIP), Kirk Cousins, and other NFC East fans. They won the division in 2015 & they’ll be riding that wave for a while. They do have a Top 5 TE in Jordan Reed (when healthy) and they got a top WR in the draft in Docston. But with Alfred Morris gone, their run game is lacking. And there is still more to see from Cousins, the signing of Josh Norman, upgrades on defense…Redskins fans have many reasons to be hopeful.

Giants Fans Get Triggered A Lot

You better not ever talk about OBJ or Eli’s interceptions with a Giants fan. As a team, the Giants are rather unpredictable. They can go 5-11 or 11-5 & no one would be surprised either way. Surprisingly, Eli’s best statistical years have come with OBJ; which doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon being that the Giants brought in some more offensive weapons for Eli. The only thing that plagues the Giants & their fans is the nonexistent run game. Tiki Barber ain’t walking through them doors! But with the drafting of Perkins, they have a good young back to hopefully take over the RB position.

The NFC East & their fans are a very unique group. I do respect their passion for the sport & their team. No matter how sensitive they are, they are the best group of fans in the NFL.