Anthony Davis is Back… The Right Tackle has officially begun his reinstatement process to rejoin the San Fransisco 49ers for the 2016-2017 NFL season. This is big news for the 49ers, and should give them some excitement going into training camp. Anthony Davis abruptly retired right before the 2015 season do to injuries. Davis felt he needed time for his body to heal. Davis did tell the faithful he would return, and Davis did just that, he kept his word. What does this mean for the 49ers?

Anthony Davis return means the 49ers can let go one of the worst tackles in the NFL, Erik Pears. This means Trent Brown will have more time to develop. This means the 49ers are arguably a top 10 offensive line in the NFL again. Anthony Davis had an injury plagued 2014 season, starting only 7 games and it showed as the 49ers gave up 52 sacks compared to just giving up 39 in 2013. The 49ers offensive line has given up 105 total sacks since the 2014 season. Now that Davis is back along with some young talent accquired in the offseason, the 49ers offense should see major impact immiadately. This should be exciting news for Carlos Hyde and Colin Kaepernick.