The U.S Supreme Court came to a decision for Brady to miss the New England Patriots first four games the 2016 season. This story is like a time capsule. It started back in the 2015 AFC Championship Game vs the Colts in a 45-10 blowout win  for New England. After the game the NFL made accusation of the New England Patriots tampering with footballs to secure the victory. The story grow and developed into major media outlets. The NFL found that 11 of the New England Patriots 12 game balls were inflated significantly below the NFL’s requirements. At the start of the game, each ball was inflated to 12.5 PSI, which is the league mandated minimum. At halftime, two different measurements were taken. One measured the balls between 10.5 and 11.85 PSI, and the other measured between 10.9 and 12.3 PSI. So the New England Patriots were accused of violating the playing rules. Game balls must be inflated above 13.5 PSI. This information was put aside because they wanted this case to be handle after the Super Bowl. The Patriots had a Super Bowl to win and did everything they can to turn the attention away. Bill Belichick had a post conference about  Deflategate and Bill Belichick dumped the sandal on his quarterback Tom Brady. Belichick said “I have no explanation for what happened,” he said. “I honestly never touched a game ball. It’s not something I have any familiarity with.”  That put Brady on the hot seat.

Let The Courts Decide

On May 11, 2015, the NFL ruled to suspend Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for four games of the 2015 regular season for his alleged part in the deflategate scandal. Brady felt like the punishment was to harsh and gathered a team of lawyers to fight the case. On September 3, 2015, the Judge dismissed Goodell’s four-game suspension of Tom Brady, due to denial of equal access to investigative files. Brady won the case and was able to play the 2015-2016 NFL season. The NFL appealed the decsison and on April 25, 2016, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Brady’s four-game suspension for the 2016 regular season. Brady Lawyers filed a petition for rehearing of his suspension case before the NFL and  the U.S Second Circuit Court of Appeals. July 13th the U.S Second Circuit Court of Appeals denies the petition by Brady and the NFLPA on to rehear the suspension case. On July 15th Brady announced he will accept the suspension and not file for reinstatement. He is expected to make his regular-season debut in Week 5 against the Cleveland Browns.

“I’m very grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from Mr. Kraft, the Kraft family, coach Belichick, my coaches and teammates, the NFLPA, my agents, my loving family and most of all, our fans. It has been a challenging 18 months and I have made the difficult decision to no longer proceed with the legal process. I’m going to work hard to be the best player I can be for the New England Patriots and I look forward to having the opportunity to return to the field this fall.”

Jimmy Garoppolo Is Next Man Up For New England

 Jimmy Garoppolo will be on the line for his first NFL start this season. Garoppolo, was the team’s second-round pick in 2014 NFL draft. Being Tom Brady’s backup, Garoppolo has never started an NFL game. We got a glimpse of his play during the 2014 season in garbage time verses the Kansas City Chiefs. He has completed 20 of 31 passes for 188 yards and a touchdown in his 11 career games. With his lack of experiences we don’t know how well he will play. We hope with the weapons around him he will be okay. He is a drop back passer and with good targets to throw the ball to, it should take some of the pressure off of him.

Was The Ruling Fair?

I think the NFL handled this situation in the best way they could. Four games is harsh but they believed Brady lied and tampered with evidence.  Rodger Goodell couldn’t let this act slide. They made an example out Brady to let every player and coach that is apart of the National Football League, violating the rules is not tolerated and nobody is above the league. The courts made a tough decision and had to do what is right for this league and to cover their tail

Does This Taint Brady’s Legacy?

Lets be clear, Ted Wells NEVER FOUND EVIDENCE THAT BRADY OR ANYONE CONNECTED WITH HIM DEFLATED THE  FOOTBALLS. This scandal shouldn’t taint Tom Brady’s legacy at all. It’s not like he was taking performing enhancing drugs, point shaving, or his receivers getting caught for using stickum on their gloves. Nobody brings up the scandal with the San Diego Charger team using stickum. Now that’s a big deal of cheating. That is a huge level of cheating to an advantage of your opponent. All they got was a 20,000 fine. If this deflategate was put among another quarterback like Josh McCown nobody would care. Since this is about Tom Brady this became bigger than it actually was. This was a 45-7 blowout performance we are talking about. The Colts didn’t put enough points on the board to win the AFC Championship game. Take away half of New England’s 45 points and they would have still won the game. LeGarrette Blount ran 30 times for 148 yards and three touchdowns. The Patriots won by running the football and great play by their dominating defense. Dwayne Allen, said on Twitter that the deflated ball issue still didn’t affect the outcome of the game. He tweeted “They could have played with soap for balls and beat us. Simply the better team.” Colts fans and Patriot haters should stop using the deflategate excuse as to why the Patriots won the AFC championship and the Super Bowl. They won, deal with it.