tempKhalilMackSackGallery_12_29_15_21--nfl_mezz_1280_1024By now; the name “Khalil Mack” should not be a surprise to your ears. If so; you need to re-surface from under any rock, you were sleeping under. The former Univ. of Buffalo Bulls product has been on a mission to establish his name as one of the greats in the NFL…and he has done just that. Drafted in 2014, “Mack” was an instant starter due to his production at the college level & his intangibles physically & mentally. He displayed every great trait you could ask for in a young leader of your team. From leadership, to his attention to detail & work ethic. The Raiders who for so many years missed on 1st round picks…most famously QB “Jamarcus Russel”; selecting MACK was a breath of fresh air for the organization & raiders fans worldwide.

NFL Network released their yearly Top #100 players (rated by the players) list of 2015. Mack made a huge jump from the previous year being rated #49 to now being #13. Mack is also the highest ranked Raider since they started doing the Top #100 players list. Mack is also the only player to be ranked this high while being listed at 2 positions (Defensive End & Linebacker).

In 2014, as a rookie Mack started all 16 games and finished first on the team in QB pressures/hurries with 51 as well as QB hits with 25 according to official coaches’ statistics trailing only to LB Von Miller. Mack also finished tied for 2nd in the league in tackles for loss against the run with 11 according to press box stats. What Mack showed in his rookie year doubled his production in his sophomore campaign amounting to 15 sacks.

WR Michael Crabtree attested to Mack’s abilities by saying “He is a beast. I’ve never seen anyone block him 1on1”. With Mack’s dominance and the addition of LB Bruce Irvin, the return of DE Mario Edwards + rookies DE Jihad Ward & LB/DE Shalique Calhoun in the mix; Mack should be able to produce the same amount of production if not more. Double teams will come. Chip blocks from the RB’s will come. Shifts in protection will come as well. But; I have reason to believe that we’ve only seen a glimpse of great things to come from the ELITE player.

QB Derek Carr states that him and Mack made a brotherly oath when they were drafted. That oath was to restore the feeling within the organization. Bringing back the relevancy that used to be the Oakland Raiders; and in two years they’ve done that magnified. The organization is alive again. At first it was hype and now its FACTS. This season…Prepare for the MACK ATTACK.