There were a lot of young talented players in this 2016 NBA Draft. Both Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons are the two names that over shadowed draft. Both one and done players in College, Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons look to lead both their franchises back to glory. It Does not really matter who is the better player coming into the league. Accept them both as dynamic players with different playing styles. Lets also take a look at the  3 biggest first-round takeaways from the 2016 NBA Draft.


Ben Simmons in Philly: Ben Simmons is a massive force with a basketball in his hands. The Australian native was the first pick in the NBA Draft select by the 76ers. Ben Simmons is a full package player that can score, pass, and rebound. He is a 6-10 point forward that can facilitate and distribute the ball to his teammates. Not many players you see have a gift like Simmons. One player you can name is LeBron James. Simmons is a good decision maker, very good at slashing to the rim which makes up of his lack of shooting. He can be a downlow player that can post up. He is NBA ready he just has to polish up his shooting. His shooting mechanic isn’t broken, he just has to work on his shooting to develope his jump shot. He has a decent mid range game. The Sixers is stacked with 4 Big men Okafor, Noel, Embiid, and Saric whichever man stays after this off season Simmons will have some talent to work with. Simmons wouldn’t need to play the power forward position. This team is in rebuilding and they have to get some pieces added to this roster. Simmons can’t carry the scoring load yet. His scoring being able to shot the ball will develope. Simmons is going to need his teammates to play at a high level and score. Which makes Simmons key to this teams offensive. Ben Simmons can be a floor general and operate the floor and get players involved in the flow of the offensive. This team was dead last in offensive efficiency, I hope Simmon can turn this team around and change that. Simmons is going to have to come into this 76ers team and embraced himself as a leader. He is going to have the biggest role on this team. It adds more pressure under his belt. It will be very interesting to see how the 76ers will use him. Later down the line in his career maybe a hall of famer one day. He will be the savior like Allen Iverson and be one of Phillies all time basketball player behind Iverson. Potentially a future MVP in a couple years soon as his team becomes a playoff team.  Allen Iverson had some encouraging words for young star Simmons on draft night Allen said “Just understand that it’s going to be some ups and it’s going to be some downs. But these people 76ers fans will stick with you.”


Brandon Ingram in LA: Ingram is a great fit for the Lakers. With his great scoring ability he will fix what the Lakers is lacking. The Los Angeles Laker were ranked 28th in offensive efficiency in the 2015-2016 season. A guy like Ingram coming in he has all the tangibles to be a great scorer in this league like a Kevin Durant. Ingram is 6-9 slim and has the ability to shot over his defenders from close range and long range. Ingram is a high volume shooter. He put up good numbers playing at Duke. He had an average of 17.3 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 2.0 APG. He is a wing player that can stretch the floor and can be a threat from 3 point range. Ingram can play the 2,3, and 4. One thing that is questionable about Ingram is his stature. He said he is on some kind of diet that is helping him gain weight. But He has to grow. He is listed at 198 lbs. If he wants to play a third position playing the power forward. He has to get stronger. He has to be able to box other SF/PF weighing between 230-250 pounds. That is what Ingram has to go up against. It’s going to hurt him in games if he is posting up or backing down his opponent and being forced to stop his dribble. Ingram is a tough kid and I know he will be great. D’Angelo Russell will have someone to feed the ball to and take pressure off of him to score. Ingram will fit good into the Lakers rotation. He will definitely be a starter and be an number one option for this team. Ingram is a future all star. He can be a NBA Champion in Los Angeles if they find the right pieces  in the next 5 years. Maybe winning alongside Russell Westbrook.


Danny Ainge has set the Boston Celtics up for success after the rebuilding years. Celtics added another great piece with their 3th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. A area the Celtics needed is an efficient scorer. That’s what the Celtics got with small forward Jaylen Brown. He will bring athleticism. He is physical and will bring mental toughness to this team. He is a strong finisher and can push the ball up the court with Isiah Thomas and go coast to coast. He will give this Boston team a push in transition. Brad Stevens like guys that play defensive. Brown has quick feet and can defend against the ball well. He is not a contestant 3 point shooter. He is more of a slashing scorer. He is not a shooting guard yet in this league. Maybe he can play a little power forward with Jared Sullinger. Sullinger can mentor Jaylen teaching him how to control his body while playing back to the basket. Yes he has his flaws. He tends to turn the ball over and finds himself over dribbling the basketball time to time. In Cal he averaged 4.0 turnover per 40 minutes you can’t overlook that statistic. His court vision being a passer is bad. He is a poor decision maker in finding players and also selecting shots. Sometimes he drives in the lane strong and dozen have good control and turns the ball over. He has minor weaknesses concerning his game. He will have a huge impact in Boston and this is a perfect fit. He is young, he needs time to develop. He is definitely an upgrade for Jae Crowder. He will bring a lot of good fortune with the Celtic possibly rookie of the year next season a future all star.


He had a dramatically outbreak year between his junior, and senior years in college. The Oklahoma senior, Buddy Hield has taken his talents to the New Orleans Pelicans by being their 6th pick in the draft. It was a desperate pickup for the Pelican they have no depth what so ever at the shooting guard position. This team last season relied on Anthony Davis as their number one scoring option. With no help from their back court. Buddy Hield will give this team a spark with his shooting. He is maybe the best three point shooter in this draft. In a workout with the Celtic he made 85 3 pointers out of 100 shot attempts. Amazing work out he put on. Pelicans has to be thrilled with the Celtics having the 3th pick and passing on Buddy. He can shoot lights out from anywhere on the floor. He lead the NCAA in 3s made shooting at (46%) from the field, he is very consistent and this team has to look for him to put up numbers. He can run off of picks and can hit contested shots. Does the Pelicans have a true point guard in Jrue Holiday ? Doesn’t matter for Hield because of his great ball handling skills he can create space and create his own shot with a step back or spin move to the basket. He has a quick trigger and that is what makes him so lethal as a scorer, He loves to take the best shots, he never shies away from the big moments. Teams in the NBA can’t sag off on him cause he is a deep threat. He can work well with Anthony Davis pick & roll action. He can change his speed and slit the defense and  dish lobs to Anthony. Hield is listed at 6-4, 215 lbs but he has a strong frame. With quick point guards on this roster,  Hield can run the floor in transition with them to get easy fastbreak points. He is a average defensive player. He can get better.He is not athletic, not a high flyer, still needs work on elevating into his jump shot. He has some weaknesses but still has good qualities to him.He will be productive on this team. Great pickup for the Pelicans. He can be a future All Star, and win a league scoring title with the Pelicans. With his 3 point shooting he can also lead this league in most 3 pointers made in a season.


With the fifth overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves have drafted Kris Dunn, the explosive point guard from Providence. Looks like the T-Wolves is taking a new direction drafting Dunn. Ricky Rubio had a career of high hopes and has not played at a high level in this league. It’s time for a new kid on the block. I believe Kris Dunn will take this team to new limits and change the culture to a winning team. This Timberwolves squad is young but has so must potential of a growing star Andrew Wiggins, high flyer Zach LaVine, and rookie of the year Karl Anthony Town. New coach Tom Thibodeau is going to love this kid Kris Dunn he is a strong physical point guard that is a natural scorer just like a player Thibodeau coached back in Chicago Derrick Rose. Thibodeau help turned Rose into a league MVP and I think he can turn Dunn into a great point guard in this league. Kris Dunn has a huge chip on his shoulder and his storyline journey was tough. That is why he is a tough player and plays hard. He is a really gifted point guard and will be way more productive than Ricky Rubio has ever played in Minnesota. He plays strong defensive with a 6’9 wingspan, he has good size on him being listed at 6-4.which helps him finish at the rim and helps him operate on the block. A lot of people talks about his scoring ability and and doesn’t give him credit for being a pure point guard. There isn’t a lot of point guards in this age of basketball that is a first past guard. Dunn is a two way player that can make plays easier for his teammates to score. He can slash down the lane and fine a cutting Wiggins or doing some pick and rolls with Karl Anthony Towns. Zach LaVine is still finding his rhythm on creating his own shot in a isolation but with Dunn running the point guard position he can feed Zach the ball of off screens and fast break transition for alley oops. We are going to see great offense from this team in the West. It’s going to be a lot of lobs and dunks in Minnesota next season. Dunn is a great flashy passer and will be an X factory for this team. The Timberwolves has been a laughing stock in the NBA for years but I think the T-Wolves can actually be a good team next season. Kris Dunn is a play maker and they are going to love him in Minnesota. Dunn future is bright he can be a top 5 point guard , be can be a number 1 steals leader in this league no doubt.