If you didn’t jump on LeBron James for creating a super team then don’t jump on Kevin Durant for joining one as well. Let’s stop using  the misleading argument Miami only won 47 games, yes that is true but that Miami team did not feature Chris Bosh with Dwayne Wade. Miami won 47 games because D.Wade carried that team on his back.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant both were tired of losing. James wanted to beat Boston and knew he could not do so with the Cavaliers team he had, so he, Wade and Bosh teamed up. To understand who LeBron joined let’s take a look back into memory lane. Chris Bosh was an All NBA player (2007), All Star, Olympian, and was a 20 and 10 type of basketball player. Bosh carried the Raptors to two playoffs appearances. Dwayne Wade was a back to back All NBA player, All Star, Olympian, and a NBA finals MVP. Wade carried his Heat team to a playoffs appearance in 2010 & was a 26/6/4 type of player. Wade also averaged 30 points per game in 2009 & was a top 5 player in the NBA. Those are the players the back to back MVP joined coming into the 2011 season. Wade & Bosh proved they can lead their teams to the playoffs, something Klay Thompson and  Draymond Green won’t have a chance to do and probably can’t do.

What Kevin Durant did was no different than what LeBron James did, the only real difference is one player (Durant) joined a super team that beat him and the other player (James) formed his super team. The end result is both players were on super teams.
Many people say Kevin Durant left a team he legit had a chance to win with, the problem is there is no guarantee he could have won. The Western Conference has been miles ahead of the East for the past decade and it’s been a gauntlet. LeBron James, solely responsible for the success of the Cavaliers left a back to back 60 win number one seeded ball club. Lets remember LeBron James struggled in the Boston series like Kevin Durant did vs the Warriors. The Cavaliers were up 2-1 on Boston & the Thunder were up 3-1 on the Warriors, both teams never won a game after that.

Most people are saying LeBron never had a Westbrook on his team, well let’s just say, even if Kevin Durant won’t admit it, he can not play with Westbrook. Westbrook holds Kevin Durant back. While many people overrate Russell Westbrook, the truth is, he’s a erratic, low IQ, horrible decision making, no jump shot type of basketball player. There was no way Kevin Durant was winning with Westbrook.

Kevin Durant made the right decision for him not for anybody else. LeBron James did the same and look where it has taken him. In the end both players may have taken different measures but ended up with the same result, a super team.