Free Agency is something that looms over the basketball world as the NBA Finals is upon us, meaning the season is almost over. The season has already come to an end for the Oklahoma City Thunder though, as they failed to close out the Golden State Warriors after being up 3-1 in their series. As their season has ended, one of their star players is left with a decision. Kevin Durant becomes a free agent at the end of the season, he is left with a decision to either return to the Thunder or play with one of the other 29 teams. So where will he land? Who are his most adamant pursuers? Is OKC home? How much is Kevin Durant worth?  Let’s talk about it…
Most believe that he will sign back with the Thunder to a one or two-year deal. If he signs a two-year deal, it would be with an opt-out after year one. There are other people who want KD though, as they should. The forward averaged 28 PPG, 8 RPG, 5 APG in 2015-2016, and his career averages are just as good. According to Marc Stein over at ESPN, Wizards, Heat, Celtics, Rockets, Knicks, Lakers, Spurs, and even the Warriors are expected to pursue Kevin Durant this summer. There has even been some recruiting efforts by some players to get KD to their squad. Joel Embiid, the forever injured Philadelphia 76er sent out this series of tweets after Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals where the Thunder were eliminated.Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics even tweeted then deleted an attempt to recruit KD with a clover and the number 35 for Kevin Durant. Though there have not been any official attempts because that would be tampering, of course.
According to ESPN, the way Kevin would be able to capitalize most would be to sign a one-year deal with the Thunder and then a five year deal when the cap rises. He would be making over $35 million a year if he does thing which would ultimately amount in over $227 million over six years. So that just leaves the decision. Kevin Durant is no Lebron James so he will not need an hour on ESPN with cameras and a press conference to announce his decision.  From the man himself, he has already said he has not thought about the decision much and he will not go on a recruiting tour because he is not that type of person. So we as spectators will just have to sit back and let this spectacle play out. Though I believe there will be no extravagant decision process or documentation, I believe he will be back with the Thunder at least through 2017. They were within one game of the Finals this season and it is obvious that he & Westbrook have more to do in OKC.