The real Russell Westbrook showed up in game seven on Monday night in a loss to the Golden State Warriors. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard took several bad shots, had costly turnovers & shot 7/21 from the field. In 8 of 10 games Russell Westbrook has shot in the 30% range against the Warriors and averaged four turnovers per game. The same man who laughed about Steph Curry’s defense shot around 30% when Curry was the primary defender. Russell Westbrook game is like a superhero when they first discover their powers, they can’t control it. He has all this talent but he can’t seem to put it all together, which is a big problem for the Oklahoma City Thunder. ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said it perfectly, “Westbrook and Durant will either have to part ways or the Thunder need to go out and get a point guard”. Westbrook cannot  be the primary decision maker for the Thunder anymore, he’s too out of control. His 31 turnovers in the western conference finals were the most in 30 years. Westbrook playoff numbers are nice, but numbers don’t always tell the whole story. Westbrook shot selection combined with his four turnovers per game and poor 40% shooting in the playoffs were  the real problem. His issues are finally being called into question but it might be too late, Kevin Durant may have had enough with his friend Russell Westbrook.