There’s no doubt that when you hear about the Golden State Warriors you get an overflowing amount of illogical dislike as well. This team has had one of the best seasons in NBA history— taking over the record of the most consecutive home game wins in the regular season, with forty-five. To coincidently top that off, head coach Steve Kerr, who has had this ongoing success with this team, was a member of the 95-96 Chicago Bulls team that held the NBA record previously with forty-four. With the unanimous MVP, the “Splash Bros” , a bench that equates in strength and depth, as well as versatility, camaraderie and plenty of confidence, it’s evident to see the hunger within this fairly young team. However, do their capabilities to pull off continuous comebacks to make the impossible, possible and progress to achieve their own legacy make them top tier in history? Absolutely. Nonetheless, granting them the title of the “greatest of all time” , although they are unquestionably good, is hard to compare due to two different eras of similarities, but much different strengths and weaknesses .

The debate of the most athletic and dominate team of all time compared to the replica of today’s era seems to be fair. The caliber of players for Golden State and the raw potential they have to build off of—  can conclude a plethora of repetitive success. They have the knowledge of the one person who knows how to keep this sequence going, Steve Kerr. Across the board the shooting is relatively the same, although the Bulls may have not have taken as many shots as the Warriors— percentage wise is fairly close. We can compare Michael Jordan to Klay or Stephen to Ron Harper or even Draymond Green to Dennis Rodman and so forth. You can break down each player analytically on both ends of the spectrum, one has different advantages over the next that in all actuality evens it out. The debate between the two is one that may go on for a while. However, that still doesn’t eliminate the fact that the main advantage the Warriors have over the 96 Bulls team is how young they are and how much growth they can undergo. It’s the first team in a long time that we’ve seen this athletically skilled, in-tune and completely unselfish.

The rules and style of play have changed compared to twenty years ago and there are many different areas that come into hand when it comes to being noted as the greatest of all time. It would only make sense to look at the overall dominance between the two. Steph Curry and the Warriors can continue their stroll of being the winningest team throughout the NBA alone, and continue to hold it for years. However, being the greatest when looking into overall dominance compared to the Chicago Bulls seems close, but that 1996 team will continue to always hold weight for MJ.