He doesn’t win playoffs games, he’s not clutch, and he’s a choke artist, other quarterbacks won with bad defensive teams. These are a few of many statements you hear about Tony Romo, each statement to prove why he’s not an elite quarterback. One person even said he doesn’t have enough 30 touchdown seasons to be considered elite (same guy who could not explain what a system running back was). Let’s break down each of those false arguments that people love to bring up.

Tony Romo is not clutch
Tony Romo is one of the most clutch quarterbacks in NFL history, ranking 14th all-time in fourth quarterbacks comebacks with 25. Romo also ranks fifth overall among active quarterbacks. Tony Romo didn’t start until 2006, which makes his numbers that more impressive compared to the other quarterbacks on the list. As you can see with the chart I have provided below, the Tony Romo not clutch narrative is just not true. The reason many people have that belief was because of the 2006 wild card playoff game where he fumbled the field goal snap vs the Seattle Seahawks. He threw a costly interception vs the Broncos & has been eliminated in a few due or die games. Most people will see primetime games & make their judgments off that without proper educated knowledge. Every good quarterback has lost primetime games before, they have thrown interceptions in final minutes of games before & none of them are hit with the choke artist narrative like Romo. Everything that has to do with the Tony Romo hate goes back to that playoff game. Let’s look at the whole instead of judging someone off of two or three games.


Tony Romo does not perform in the playoffs
In three of Tony Romo’s first four years he took the Cowboys to the playoffs. The only reason it was not four years in a row was because he was hurt & missed the final three games in 2008. This narrative that Tony Romo doesn’t perform in the playoffs is just not true. Tony Romo in six playoff games has eight touchdowns with only two interceptions while completing 61% of his passes. Those numbers are not jaw dropping by any means but they are not bad either. The Romo haters make it seem like he’s horrible in the playoffs, when in fact, he is the very opposite. In 2014 Tony Romo really had a good playoffs with four touchdowns & zero interceptions while completing 68% of his passes. The narrative that Romo does not perform in the playoffs is just not true. (See stats below)

cb07bee0-020c-4850-bdad-563f92d0cfec Tony Romo is a mediocre QB always goes 8-8
In three seasons (2011, 2012, 2013) the Cowboys defense surrendered 1526 points. No team in that time made playoffs while giving up that many points in consecutive seasons. Only two teams in those three seasons made the playoffs giving up 400 or more points. Tony Romo in all three seasons threw 31, 31 & 28 touchdowns & two out of the three season he threw for over 4000+ yards. In 2013 Tony Romo was injured before the last game of the season where the Cowboys faced their division rival Philadelphia Eagles for the division title. Former Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton was the starting quarterback for the Cowboys that day, & the Cowboys fell to the Eagles & finished 8-8 for the third consecutive year. Since 2009 Kyle Orton was 14-22 as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The only thing that was mediocre in those three seasons was the defense Tony Romo had, so there’s another argument that is wrong.


Since 2006 The Dallas Cowboys are 10-23 without Tony Romo as the starting quarterback. Which says those 8-8 years would have been worse without Romo. The Dallas Cowboys in 2014 & 2015 combined went 15-4 with Tony Romo as their starting quarterback. In those same years the Cowboys were 1-12 without Tony Romo starting. Romo is an elite quarterback in the NFL and arguably has been a top six quarterback in the past 4 seasons, case closed.