On the night of January 18, 2015 police arrived to the scene of Brock Turner being pinned down by two male individuals. According to the two males, while leaving the Kappa Alpha fraternity house after a party at around 1 am, they encountered Turner near a dumpster on top of an unconscious woman. Later Turner was charged and convicted of rape. Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in jail and with good behavior it will be reduced to three month behind bars. Why did Turner get such a huge break? Here are four reasons why.

The Rape culture on college campuses
The reasons for why rape gets pushed aside on college campuses is obvious; if all reports of rape were shown to the light, NO ONE would want to attend the university, the university would lack in funds and wouldn’t be able to expand. College campuses are now the most unsafe place in America for women. New studies show that 1 in 4 college women claim to have been sexually assaulted before even graduating; which was based off the responses of 150,000 students at only 27 of the top schools in America. The White House Task Force also reported that 3 out of 4 women were sexually assaulted when they were either Freshmen or Sophomores; and 84% of the time the perpetrator was another student. In a majority of their cases, the victim’s knew who their perpetrator was. For more numbers and information, I highly recommend the 2015 documentary, “The Hunting Grounds.”

Economic Privilege
Brock Turner and family had money and were wealthy. Brock Turner’s hometown was known as “The Dome.” He lived in a suburban area named Oakwood, Ohio who have a median household income of at least $100,724 which is double the amount in Ohio. In May of 2015, a family member also set up a Facebook page to help Brock Turner and family for his criminal defense.

White Privilege
I know everyone hates when the race card gets pulled but the reason everyone is bringing it up is because it is true, if he was black, his sentence would have been worse and there are multiple court cases that will prove that. The one case that is completely identical to the Brock Turner case except for the accused’s color of skin was the case of former Vanderbilt football star Cory Batey who received a 3000% longer sentence than Brock Turner. For the same crime Brock Turner committed, Batey was sentenced 15-25 years in prison. BOTH were 19 year old college student-athletes who were convicted of raping an unconscious women. Just like Turner, Batey had no criminal background history. Again, just more proof that our justice system is corrupt and broken. Had Brock Turner been an African-American, Asian, Hispanic or any other minority ethnicity his sentence would have been the 14 years just like every other rapist in the country has received.

Judge is a Stanford Alum
Judge Aaron Persky was a former Stanford graduate. And you guessed it, he was also a white judge. But this isn’t the first occasion that Judge Aaron Persky was involved in a controversial rape case. In 2011, he presided over a civil lawsuit filed against multiple members of the De Anza college baseball team for gang raping a woman. Persky allowed the jury to view photos of the victim a year after the incident at a party that was totally irrelevant to the entire case at hand and because of this, the jury said the defendants were not liable for what happened.

The case of Brock Turner just further proves that women in college aren’t safe and also that there is still racial bias in this country justice system. There are multiple cases that will prove Brock Turner got off easy solely because he was white and privileged. While Turner continues to get preferred treatment by being in solitary for his own protection, we all stand with the victims of sexual assaults that were pushed away and kept secret all to keep the names of the universities clean. We stand with the victim who spoke out in a courtroom to tell her story. With stand with her through the backlash she is receiving as a victim. For a father to justify the actions of their son saying it was “only 20 minutes” should be in absolute disgust with themselves; also knowing the Turner family has a daughter of their own.

For Brock Turner and the Turner family, the people of the United States have no sympathy for you. Not one person has sympathy for the actions you committed, for the lies you have told and the blame you have put on the victim. The Turner family has no reason to ask for pity in this time. Your life will never be the same because of the actions that you chose, her life will never be the same because of the actions you chose for her.