Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor has been accused of raping a dancer at a Philadelphia strip club. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon no time specific. The location where this took place was near the teams facility. The female gave the authority a statement accusing the football star for sexual assault. We can all say this isn’t looking good for the young NFL player. We don’t know what exactly happen until we have both sides of the story. The twist to this story is John Meehan the owner of the club said Agholor wasn’t in attendance Thursday that afternoon. The investigation is developing, we don’t have a name but reports say this woman is 27 years old. So this isn’t a case of a underage female. As of right now the Philadelphia Police statement is Nelson Agholor is accused of sexual assault by a 27 year old women’s allegations. A motive for this woman to accuse him is reports saying Agholor spent time with the women and they agree he’ll pay her $1,400 for a hour with her in a room for themselves. What went wrong was he paid the stripper $800 instead of the whole $1,400. He didn’t pay her the full because she didn’t meet up with full terms of staying for the whole hour. Maybe this woman feels like Agholor had took advantage of her and that’s why she is filing this charge against him. This situation is under investigation by the Philadelphia police department. Will get more information as the story develops. Agholor has not been charge with a crime.